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2005 On the Role of Risk Preference in Survivability book/chapter (841) 2 無資料
2011-11 Do the ASEAN Countries and Taiwan Form a Common Currency Area? article (998) 2 2
2009-03 Financial Applications: Stock Markets article (567) 2 無資料
1998 Genetic programming in the overlapping generations model: An illustration with the dynamics of the inflation rate conference (81) 2 無資料
2018 A heterogeneous artificial stock market model can benefit people against another financial crisis article (161) 2 1
2002-01 Equilibrium Selection via Adaptation Using Genetic Programming to Model Learning in a Coordination Game article (1644) 2 無資料
2017 Agent-Based Modeling of a Non-tâtonnement Process for the Scarf Economy: The Role of Learning article (302) 2 2
2011 Market Microstructure: Can Dinosaurs Return? A Self-Organizing Map Approach under an Evolutionary Framework book/chapter (933) 1 無資料
2009 Modeling Social Heterogeneity with Genetic Programming in an Artificial Double Auction Market book/chapter (742) 1 無資料
2013-12 On the prediction accuracy of prediction markets: Would the spatial distribution of information matter? conference (668) 1 無資料
2016-09 Matching Impacts of School Admission Mechanism: An Agent-Based Approach article (452) 1 無資料
2017-06 Information Aggregation in Big Data: Wisdom of Crowds or Stupidity of Herds book/chapter (102) 1 無資料
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2018 Information aggregation in big data: Wisdom of crowds or stupidity of herds conference (371) 1 無資料
2011 Bounded Rationality and Market Micro-Behaviors: Case Studies Based on Agent-Based Double Auction Markets book/chapter (1290) 1 無資料
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