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2004 Applying Six-Sigma to Supplier Development article (651)
2003 Multimedia learning system and its effect on self-efficacy in database modeling and design: an exploratory study article (605)
2003 Confidence intervals in repeatability and reproducibility using the Bootstrap method article (532)
2003 A longitudinal study of software process management in Taiwan's top companies article (642)
2003 Editorial: From p-services to e-services article (420)
2002 Software process management of top companies in Taiwan: A comparative study article (501)
2001 Output-driven information system planning: a case study article (543)
2001 Marketing information systems in Fortune 500 companies: a longitudinal analysis of 1980, 1990, and 2000 article (591)
2001 Quality management initiatives in the banking industry: A meta analysis of Hong Kong and the UK article (720)
2001 Quality management initiatives in Hong Kong’s banking industry: A longitudinal study article (650)
1997 Perceived importance of information system success factors: A meta analysis of group differences article (504)
1995 Marketing information systems in the top U.S. companies: A longitudinal analysis article (528)
1994 Artificial neural networks and their business applications article (751)
1993 Mixing Case Method with Business Games: Student Evaluations article (365)
1991 An information system profile of U.S. companies article (624)