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2002 Hybrid Network Implementation:Integration of Wireless LAN Multihop and Ethernet conference
2002 DiffServ RED Evaluation with QoS Management for 3G Internet Applications conference
2001-03 HTML 與 WML 之間的轉換與整合開發環境 conference
2001 Wireless DiffServ Support conference
2001 A Study on Differentiated Service for Mobile Application Support conference
2000-03 INtroduction to Wireless Application Protocol(WAP) conference
2000-03 Qos Experiment and prototyping for a Hybrid Ad Hoc Mobile Computer Network conference
2000-03 無線應用協定簡介 conference
2000-03 A Study on QoS for Ad Hoc Multihop Wireless Network conference
2000-03 地震災區黃金救難時間行動資訊系統 conference
2000 A Conversion Environement Between HTML and WML conference
1999-03 Architecture and Research Issues of a Hybrid Ad-Hoc Mobile Computer Network conference
1999-03 複合型隨意行動電腦網路之架構與研究議題 conference
1999 Multihop Wireless IEEE 802.11 LANs: prototype implementation conference (1156)
1999 Network Issues and Implementation for a Mobile Police Information System (MPIS) conference
1997 QoS routing performance in a multihop,multimedia,wireless network conference
1997 Bandwidth Routing in Multi-hop Packet Radio Environment conference (1838)
1997 The effect of radio propagation on multimedia,mobile,multihop networks:models and countermeasures conference (1145)
1993-10 HAP: A new model for packet arrivals, with implications for broadband network control conference (831)