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2008 Mathematical models of QoS management for communication networks conference (196)
2008 Sheldon Ross's scholarly trip to Taiwan in 2007. article (256)
2007.05 Solving Ck/Cm/1/N queues by using characteristic roots in matrix analytic methods article (729)
2007.03 Reliability Measure in Content-Distribution Systems article (817)
2007-12 Formulation of Network Dimensioning Problems under Budget Constraints conference
2007-08 Blocking Probabilities of QoS Routing in IP Networks with Multiple Classes conference
2007-08 Using a Managed Peer-to-Peer Protocol to Deliver Files within an Organization conference
2007-05 Network Dimensioning Problems by Weighted Utilizations conference
2007 Invariant subspace of steady-state probabilities of C_k/C_m/1 with matrix polynomial approaches conference
2007 Two-Phase Modeling of QoS Routing in Communication Networks conference
2007 在預算限制下網路頻寬的最佳化過程(I) report (636)
2007 Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Routing for Heterogeneous Networks article (930)
2006.08 Network Dimensioning Problems of Applying Achievement Functions article (429)
2006-12 A Precomputation-Based Scheme for QoS Routing and Fair Bandwidth Allocation article
2006-11 Optimal Path Selection on Stochastic Networks conference
2006-10 A Robust Web-Based Approach for Broadcasting Downward Messages in a Large-Scaled Company article (562)
2006-07 Fault Repair Time Distribution in Network Reliability conference
2006-05 A Note on Simple Eigenvalues of Matrix Polynomials in Queueing Models with Erlang Distributions article (1741)
2006 A Comparison Method in Fuzzy Queue Modeling conference
2006 Characterizing Output Processes of Em/Ek/1 Queues article (919)
2006 隨機數位網路上最佳路徑選擇之研究(II) report (632)
2006 Optimal Selection of Arrival and Service Rates in Tandem Queues article (384)
2005-02 Budget Based QoS Management Infrastructure for All-IP Networks conference (762)
2005 隨機數位網路上最佳路徑選擇之研究(I) report (588)
2005 A new approach solving a two-node closed queueing network article (1925)