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2011 人力資源管理活動與員工創新及生涯成就 report (711)
2012 人力資源管理活動與員工創新及生涯成就 report (528)
2003.06 人力資源管理活動、雇用關係與員工反應之關聯性研究—心理契約觀點 article (998)
2010.06 人力資源管理—理論與實務(二版) book/chapter (833)
2007.06 人力資源管理—理論與實務 book/chapter (1005)
2013.05 人力資源管理—理論與實務 book/chapter (963)
2015 人力資源管理—基礎與應用(二版) book/chapter (609)
2011.06 人力資源管理—基礎與應用 book/chapter (1052)
2013-05 人力資源管理 : 理論與實務 = Human resource management book/chapter (791)
2003.01 人力資本投資系統、創新策略與組織績效—多種契合觀點的驗證 article (686)
2009-09 亮綺印網科技股份有限公司 article (822)
2020-02 一起快樂合作吧!團隊調節焦點 ; 團隊情感氛圍與團隊績效的關係:轉換型領導的調節中介模型 article (115)
2012-08 Unfolding proactive process for creativity: Integration of employee proactivity, information exchange, and psychological safety perspectives article (1049)
2010 Unbundling task conflict and relationship conflict: The moderating role of team goal orientation and conflict management article (1087)
2017 Toward a Goal Orientation–Based Feedback-Seeking Typology: Implications for Employee Performance Outcomes article (366)
2012-03 The relationship between conflict and team performance in Taiwan: the moderating effect of goal orientation article (1327)
2021-07 The effects of team need for cognition and team mindfulness on transactive memory system development conference (8)
2017 Team goal orientation composition, team efficacy and team performance: The separate roles of team leader and members article (347)
2008.10 Strategic HRM in China: Configurations and competitive advantage article (1034)
2009 Proactive Personality, Social Capital and Employee Creativity conference
2014-12 Mentoring across cultures: The role of gender and marital status in Taiwan and the U.S. article (894)
2014.01 Mechanism linking transformational leadership and team performance: The mediating roles of team goal orientation and group affective tone article (959)
2016-01 Leader UPB and Employee Unethical Conduct: A Moral Disengagement Perspective conference (461)
2020-08 Leader Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior and Employee Unethical Conduct: Social Learning of Moral Disengagement Behavioral Principle article (61)
2013.06 Interaction of gender, mentoring, and power distance on career attainment: A cross-cultural comparison article (998)