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2007-04 Dopamine Receptor Antagonists Reverse Amphetamine-Induced Behavioral Alteration on a Differential Reinforcement for Low-rate (DRL) Operant Task in the Rat article (1494)
2007-02 Cocaine-but not methamphetamine-associated memory requires de novo protein synthesis article (1788)
2007 心理學門規劃研究推動計畫 (III) report (845)
2007 利用跑爬跑行為工具探討中腦多巴胺系統的神經行為機制(III) report (831)
2007 多角度驗證軀體標記假說之建構、生理反應關連性以及神經處理機制 (I) report (490)
2007 補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題---生理心理學與臨床健康心理學 (II) report (380)
2007 以情意計算與主動計算技術建構優質學習、休閒及睡眠之環境(II) report (1033)
2006-10 The role of dopamine D1 receptor in the medial prefrontal cortex in stressor induced conditioned place preference conference
2006-10 Habenular lesion affects the acquisition of operant responding on a different reinforcement of low-rate response (DRL) task in the rat conference
2006-09 Lesion effects of the nucleus accumbens and dorsolateral striatum on a choice behavior of run-clime-run task in rats conference
2006-05 Effects of bromocriptine on operant behavior maintained on differential reinforcement of low-rate response (DRL) schedule conference
2006-05 The investigation of conditioned place preference induced by the after-effect of three types of stressors conference
2006 心理學門規劃研究推動計畫(2/3) report (1038)
2006 心理學門規劃研究推動計畫 (II) report (486)
2006 利用跑爬跑行為工具探討中腦多巴胺系統的神經行為機制(II) report (885)
2006 補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題---生理心理學與臨床健康心理學 (I) report (1770)
2006 以情意計算與主動計算技術建構優質學習、休閒及睡眠之環境(I) report (1268)
2005-11 Medial prefrontal cortex involved in conditioned place preference induced by the after-effect of restraint stress conference
2005-11 Amygdala and context-drug association in amphetamine induced place conditioning conference
2005-11 創意,人人可為 article
2005-10 Does the brain matter on choice behavior?--- A neuroeconomic perspective conference
2005-08 Dopamine receptor antagonists prevent place conditioning of intra-accumbens amphetamine conference
2005-06 檢測抬高式T形迷津行為之焦慮源 article (2750)
2005 利用跑爬跑行為工具探討中腦多巴胺系統的神經行為機制(1/3) report (1206)
2005 心理學門規劃研究推動計畫(1/3) report (1041)