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2011 核設施互依性分析要項方法研究 report (379)(176)
2011 互動敘事中3D虛擬角色動畫與攝影機規劃的研究 (II) report (698)
2011 A computer system aiming to stimulate creativity for narrative article (601)
2011 Puppet Playing: An Interactive Character Animation System with Hand Motion Control article (368)
2011 Space-time planning in dynamic environments with unknown evolution conference (555)
2011 Simulating riot for virtual crowds with a social communication model conference (519)
2011 Physically-based virtual glove puppet conference (487)
2011 Using intelligent 3D animated character as the interface for interactive digital TV system conference (750)
2011 A service platform for logging and analyzing mobile user behaviors conference (763)
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2010 以互動為導向的公車候車區體感裝置--天籟森林交響趣 conference
2010 資料庫裡尋人脈---考掘新聞人物的社會網絡 report (334)
2010 互動敘事中3D虛擬角色動畫與攝影機規劃的研究 (I) report (618)
2010 The idea storming cube: Evaluating the effects of using game and computer agent to support divergent thinking article (863)
2010 Building Hand Motion-Based Character Animation: The Case of Puppetry article (843)
2009-11 Inferring Appropriate Feedback Timing from Answering Styles for Open-Ended Questions conference (341)
2009-11 Exploring Effect of Rater on Prediction Error in Automatic Text Grading for Open-ended Question conference (381)
2009-10 Automatic Generation of Character Animations Expressing Music Features conference (473)
2009-09 Motion Generation for Glove Puppet Show with Procedural Animation conference (321)
2009-09 Evaluating Emotive Character Animations Created with Procedural Animation conference (329)
2009-07 Designing Customized Virtual Characters in an Extensible Virtual Environment conference (382)
2009-06 Using Motion Capture Data to Optimize Procedural Animation conference (468)
2009-05 An Initial Investigation of Using Computer Animation to Assist Puppetry Learning – Using Hand Puppet Show as an Example conference (313)
2009 資料庫裡尋人脈---考掘新聞人物的社會網絡 report (639)
2009 自動產生3D多人虛擬環境中擬真之虛擬角色行為 (II) report (644)