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2005-05 Network Topologies and Network Externality conference
2005-01 經濟學中的創新行為建模: 遺傳規劃的觀點 conference (1598)
2005 Equilibrium Selection through Adaptation: Using Genetic Programming to Model Learning in a Coordination Game conference (342)
2004-11 Searching Financial Patterns with Self-organizing Maps conference (1188)
2004-11 Relative Risk Aversion and Wealth Dynamics conference
2004-07 Experiments in a Software Aided Multiagent System conference (1280)
2004-07 Discovering Financial Patterns in the Foreign Exchange Markets conference
2004-07 Discussing the Survivability Issue in Agent-Based Artificial Stock Market conference
2004-07 Using Genetic Programming with Lambda Abstraction to Find Technical Trading Rule conference (1045)
2004-06 Functional Modularity in the Test Bed of Economic Theory-Using Genetic Programming conference (1796)
2004-05 Risk Preference and Survival Dynamics conference
2004-05 Risk Preference and Survival Dynamics conference (1376)
2004-01 Risk Preference and Survival Dynamics conference (688)
2004 Are Efficient Markets Really Efficient?: Can Financial Econometric Tests Convince Machine-Learning People? conference (1321)
2004 Information Content of the Trajectory-Domain Models conference (616)
2003-09 Behavioral Finance and Agent-Based Computational Finance:Toward an Integrating Framework conference (1408)
2003-09 Modeling International Short-Term Capital Flow with Genetic Programming conference (1898)
2003-09 Agent-Based Modeling of Lottery Markets conference (4798)
2003-03 Agent-Based Modeling of Lottery Markets conference (1067)
2003 Searching Financial Patterns with Self-Organizing Maps conference (926)
2003 Self-organizing maps as a foundation for charting or geometric pattern recognition in financial time series conference (567)
2003 Financial Modeling based on the Trajectory Domain conference (562)
2003 A Functional-Modularity Approach to Preferences conference (769)
2002-12 Teaching Econ I with Agent-Based Modeling conference
2002-12 廠商創新與仿冒行為的演化-代理人基模型模擬與分析 conference