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2002-10 On the emergent properties of artificial stock markets: the efficient market hypothesis and the rational expectations hypothesis article (768)
2002-06 Financial Innovation and Divisia Monetary Indices in Taiwan:A Neural Network Approach article (1023)
2002-01 Equilibrium Selection via Adaptation Using Genetic Programming to Model Learning in a Coordination Game article (1644)
2002 Agent-Based Artificial Markets in the AI-ECON Research Center: A Retrospect from 1995 to the Present article (1279)
2001-11 Testing for non-linear structure in an artificial financial market article (285)
2001-03 Market Diversity and Market Efficiency: The Approach Based on Genetic Programming article (2132)
2001-03 Evolving Traders and the Business School with Genetic Programming: A New Architecture of the Agent-Based Artificial Stock Market article (1089)
2000-12 Simulating Economic Transition Processes by Genetic Programming article (1017)
2000 Simulating the Ecology of Oligopoly Games with Genetic Algorithms article (997)
1999-12 Hedging Derivative Securities with Genetic Programming article (1014)
1999-09 Modeling the Expectations of Inflation in the OLG Model with Genetic Programming article (972)
1999 Estimating the Complexity Function of Financial Time Series:An Estimation Based on Predictive Stochastic Complexity article (740)
1998 Modeling Volatility with Genetic Programming: A First Report article
1998 Rethinking the Appeal of Evolution:Empirical Evidences from the Financial Applications of Genetic Algorithms article
1997-10 適應性學習與均衡篩選:遺傳規畫在整合性賽局的應用 article (563)
1997-06 Toward a Computable Approach to the Efficient Market Hypothesis:An Application of Genetic Programming article (602)
1996-09 Understanding the Nature of Predatory Pricing in Large-Scale Market Economy with Genetic Algorithms article (516)
1996-06 遺傳規畫與科技預測 article (805)
1996-06 Information Transmission, Market Efficiency and the Evolution of Information-Processing Technology article
1996-05 Elements of Information Theory: A Book Review article (927)
1996-05 Book Review: Elements of information theory - Cover,TM, Thomas,JA article (160)
1995-02 後理性預期時代總體經濟學的發展:隨機逼近程式 article
1995-01 空屋率的模型選擇及其穩定性:遺傳規畫的應用 article (672)
1994-01 實驗方法在經濟學的起源與發展 article
1993-06 論經濟學之認知基礎:經濟學之關於演化、資訊與計算理論的統合性架構 article