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2010-01 Operations Research Society of Taiwan article (569)
2008-10 O.R. Applications in Healthcare--An Example of Cost-Effectiveness Studies for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus conference
1998 Numerical Computation of Probability Distribution in Queueing Systems conference
2006.08 Network Dimensioning Problems of Applying Achievement Functions article (466)
2007-05 Network Dimensioning Problems by Weighted Utilizations conference
1995 Multi-layered Semaphore Queue with Coxian Arrivals and Exponential Servers conference
1998 Moment Approximation of The Idle Time Distribution in A GI/G/1 Queue conference
2011.11 Modeling Security-Check Queues article (952)
2010.04 Modeling on Weighted Utilizations of Network Dimensioning Problems article (783)
2008-07 Modeling of P2P File Sharing Strategy in Future Intranet Service, Flexible Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (FAIM) conference
2017-03 Modeling chronic hepatitis B virus infections with survival probability metrics article (534)
2017-01 Modeling chronic HBV infections with survival probability metrics article (378)
2008 Modeling and Computing Blocking Probabilities with Predetermined End-to-End QoS Routing under Random Arrivals conference
2009-07 Measuring the Cost of Links of a Disaster-Avoided Content-Delivering Service within a Large-scaled Company conference (804)
2009 Measuring Average Revenue with Bandwidth and Traffic Demand on Communication Networks conference (796)
1999-12 Matrix Product-Form Solutions of Stationary Probabilities in Tandem Queues article (718)
2010.09 Matrix Geometric Analysis of Departure Processes of Queues with Applications to a Pull Serial Line article (1011)
2019-09 Matrix Analytic Solutions for M/M/S Retrial Queues with Impatient Customers book (96)
2011-02 Mathematical models of QoS management for communication networks book/chapter (777)(1085)
2008 Mathematical models of QoS management for communication networks conference (307)
2008-07 Maintenance Strategies for File Delivery on Intranet conference
2011-11 Kronecker product-forms of steady-state probabilities with Ck/Cm/1 by matrix polynomial approaches article (1010)
2005 Kernel Density Estimation for Interdeparture Time of GI/G/1 Queues article (1574)
1999 Kernal density estimation for departure processes of a queue conference
2007 Invariant subspace of steady-state probabilities of C_k/C_m/1 with matrix polynomial approaches conference