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2005 多巴胺的行為藥理特性—以D3受體為例 conference
2005 時間與空間作業行為之關連性:以習得歷程為例 conference
2005 Acute Effects of d-Amphetamine on the DRL Schedule Behavior in the Rat: Comparison with Selective Dopamine Receptor Antagonists article (1820)
2004-10 Dopamine involved in conditioned place preference induced by the after-effect of stress in the rat from an elevated stand conference
2004-09 The effects of adenosine receptor agonists on amphetamine-induced conditioned place preference conference
2004-09 Neuropharmacological characterization behavioral changes on differential reinforcement of low rate (DRL) response induced by amphetamine: From timing perspective. conference
2004-09 The relationship between the components of contextual stimuli and drug-induced conditioned place preference conference
2003-09 Effects of Lithium Chloride Induced Reward Devaluation on Two Types of Spatial Behavior of the Taxon System article (2289)
2003-09 前額葉皮質對欲求類制約學習的行為功能探討 (II) 研究報告 (32)
2003-03 Differential effects of dopamine D1 and D2 receptor antagonists on conditioned orienting behavior in the rat article (1141)
2003 從神經藥理學觀點探討心理興奮劑藥物對操作式制約行為的計時反應(1/2) report (1008)
2003 Effects of excitotoxic lesions in the subareas of medical prefrontal cortex on the development of behavioral sensitization to amphetamine conference
2003 Effects of excitotoxic lesions in the striatal subareas on run-climb-run behavior conference
2002-12 The Role of Catecholamines in Retention Performance of a Partially Baited Radial Eight-Arm Maze for Rats article (1192)
2002-11 The effects of SCH23390 and raclopride infused into the medial prefrontal cortex on DRL 10-sec behavior: interaction with d-amphetamine conference
2002-09 Behavioral function of dopamine: revisited by the use of a run-climb-run behavioral task conference
2002-01 The role of dopamine in the conditioned place preference formed by the aftereffect of high-plate stress conference
2002 前額葉皮質對欲求類制約學習的行為弁鈺敦Q((2/2) report (1181)
2002 多巴胺D1與D2受體促進劑在區辨性增強低頻反應之操作式行為作業上的影響效果 conference
2002 The dopamine receptors of the medial septum and the motivational behavior: a microstructural analysis of licking conference
2002 腦內血清張力素對大白鼠之抬高式T形迷津行為的影響 conference
2002 探討單次禁錮壓力源施予時間點與建立場地制約行為表現的關係 conference
2001-12 Effects of SCH23390 and reclopride on a run-climb-run behavioral task in rats article
2001-10 Different Effects of 5-HT Receptor Agonists on Operant Response in Rats Under DRL 10-s and DRL 30-s Schedules article (1412)
2001 The influence of various stressors on place conditioning conference