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2003-07 中國二十一世紀戰略核武發展:威脅認知與反應 article
2003-04 一九九○年代以來的中國黨軍關係 article (61)
2003-03 Party-Military Relations in China since 1990s article
2003-01 China's Nuclear Policy in the 21st Century: Threat Perception and Possible Response conference
2003-01 Challenges for Taiwan Security conference
2002-09 The Lessons of the 1995/1996 Military Taiwan Strait Crisis: Developing New Strategy toward the US and Taiwan conference
2002-03 US-Taiwan Security Relations after the September 11 Attack article
2002-03 九一一事件後美臺軍事關係的發展 article
2002-03 實施國防二法的意義與未來展望 article (2119)
2002 全球化趨勢下的中國國防工業 report (931)
2001-09 評析中共近期在東山島的軍事演習 article
2001-06 Taiwan and US Missile Defense conference
2001-05 China and US Missile Defense conference
2001-04 中共未來的軍備政策 article
2001 中共二十一世紀的核武發展 report (4626)
2000-11 China's Armament Policy in the Future: Struggling between Arms Import and Self-Reliance conference
2000-11 China's Political Structure and Its Implications on the Confidence Building Measures across the Taiwan Strait conference
2000-10 評析中國大陸近期施放防空警報與動員演習 article (280)
2000-03 中國大陸國防工業及其軍事力量的意涵 article (1052)
2000-03 軍事事務革命:中共的認知與實踐 article (340)
2000-01 Is China a Threat? A Defense Industry Analysis article (508)
2000 美國與台灣軍事關係:以「經國號」戰機的美國決策過程為例 report (951)
1999-12 Taiwan's Military in the 21th Century: Redefinition and Reorganization conference
1999-11 PLA's View on the Revolution in Military Affairs and Its Military Development conference
1999-11 China's Asia-Pacific Strategy in the 21st Century: Constraint vs. Expansion conference