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2005-05 Linking The Balanced Scorecard to Government Strategies: A Strategic Map for Digital Divide conference
2005-05 Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Business Models for Value Based Strategic Management in E-Business conference
2005-08 Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Business Models for Value Based Strategic Management in E-Business article (916)
2010-11 Integrating Personalized and Community Services for Mobile Travel Planning and Management article (706)
1996 HESS:a Hypermedia Expert Support System for Intelligent Decision Marking conference
2004-09 Digital divide in Taiwan: evidence, comparisons, and strategies article (813)(906)
2014-09 Developing Value-Centric Business Models for Mobile Government article (862)
2007-12 Developing Strategy Maps for the Formulation of Digital Divides Strategies conference
2007-01 Developing Risk Key Performance Indicators for Risk Strategies of B2B Banks: A Balanced Scorecard Approach conference
2011-06 Developing Key Risk Indicators for B2B International Internet Banking: A RM-BSC Approach article (799)
2007-10 Developing a Web-Based Intelligent Decision Support System for Personalized Healthcare conference
1998-09 Designing an Intelligent Multimedia Document Database for Digital Library Service conference
2002-01 Designing a Web-Based Consumer Decision Support Systems for Tourism Services conference
1993-10 Designing a Multimedia Database for Electronic Publication Systems article (766)
2005-06 Designing a Consumer-Oriented Intelligent Decision Support System for Personalized Financial Planning Services conference
2007-11 Coordinating Returns Policies and Marketing Plans for Profit Optimization in E-Business Based on a Hybrid Data Mining Process book/chapter (1225)
2001-11 Content and Feature Multimedia information Retrieval for web Information systems conference
2008-08 Building a Value-Centric e-Government Service Framework Based on a Business Model Perspective book/chapter (1186)
2015-07 Building a Supply Chain Flexibility Model for Fast Fashion Industry conference (759)
2007-11 Buffer Management for Multi-Project Scheduling and Control in Critical Chain Project Management conference
2006-12 B2C Mobile E-Tourism Service Classification conference
2006-01 Analyzing Strategic Gaps of Digital Divide Projects Based on the Balanced Scorecard conference
2006 Analyzing strategic gaps of digital divide projects based on the balanced scorecard article (733)
1993-05 An Object-Oriented Development Process for Multimedia videotex Applications conference (1159)
1991 An Object-Oriented Accounting System conference