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2004 Invariant subspace approach in queueing problems conference
1998 Interdeparture Time Distribution in Queueing Systems conference
2005 Industrial Track: An effective approach for content delivery in an evolving intranet environment- a case study of the largest telecom company in Taiwan article
2016-02 Incidence and Risks of Congenital Anomalies of Kidney and Urinary Tract in Newborns — A Population-Based Case-Control Study in Taiwan article (648)
2007-12 Formulation of Network Dimensioning Problems under Budget Constraints conference
2006-07 Fault Repair Time Distribution in Network Reliability conference
2005 Fair Budget Allocation of Precomputation in All-IP Networks conference
2004 Fair Budget Allocation in Delay-Guaranteed Networks - An Approach for Deterministic Cases conference
2012.06 Estimating the Loss Probability under Heavy Traffic Conditions article (889)
2003-07 End-to-end QoS with Budget-Based Management Proc conference
2010 Dropping behavior of a Random Early Detection mechanism by a queueing model of batch arrivals and multiple servers conference (777)
2009.01 Disaster Avoidance Mechanism for Content-Delivering Service article (1087)
1999-10 Derivation of the N-step interdeparture time distribution in GI/G/1 queueing systems article (487)
2021-08 Data Analysis of the Risks of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Complications before Death Using a Data-Driven Modelling Approach: Methodologies and Challenges in Prolonged Diseases article (28)
2011-06 Cost Estimation Queueing Model For A Large-Scaled File Delivering Service article (425)
2004.12 Characterizing the idle time of a nonexponential server system article (856)
2004-12 Characterizing The Idle Time Distribution in A Nonexponential Server System article (623)
2006 Characterizing Output Processes of Em/Ek/1 Queues article (965)
2005-02 Budget Based QoS Management Infrastructure for All-IP Networks conference (886)
2007-08 Blocking Probabilities of QoS Routing in IP Networks with Multiple Classes conference
2009 Blocking probabilities of multiple classes in IP networks with qos routing article (680)
2004-03 BBQ:All-IP網路上以預算為基礎之品質管理架構 article (2327)
2007 Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Routing for Heterogeneous Networks article (963)
1999 Assigning Customers to A Series of Queues conference