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2001 Differential effecte of diazepam infeused into amygdala and hippocampus on the consummatory negative contrast conference
2001 鋰鹽去價值程序對大白鼠迷津行為的影響 conference
2001 破壞大腦尾核的背側區域對制約朝向反應的影響 conference
2001 Dopamine receptor antagonists reverse amphetamine-induced IRT curve shift on DRL operant task in the rat conference
2000-09 多巴胺不同系統抑制劑對朝向反應及酬賞連結反應的影響 conference
2000-09 Operant Performance Following Tail-Pinch in the Rat: Effects of d-Amphetamine article (1628)
2000-01 Influences on water intake in the rat after lesion of the septal subareas article (1298)
2000 安非他命及古柯鹼引發制約性場地偏好行為的神經行為機制之研究(3/3) report (1311)
2000 安非它命及古柯鹼引發制約性場地偏好行為的神經行為機制研究(IV) report (1048)
2000 Effects of excitotoxic lesions in the core and shell of nucleus assumbens on reward and aversive related learning conference
2000 Licking effects of 8-OH-DPAT on negitive contrast in rats conference
2000 Distinct accumbal subareas are involved in place conditioning of ampgrtamine and coaine article
2000 Licking performance on a choice procedure under dopamine receptor blockade in the rat conference
1999-04 Operant responding to restraint stress on DRL10 schedule of reinforcement in the rat conference
1999 安非他命及古柯鹼引發制約性場地偏好行為的神經行為機制之研究(II) report (1077)
1999 安非它命的濫用:以動物模型研究其生理與心理的機制-探討長期安非他命引發操作式學習行為時效耐藥性之神經行為機制(Ⅲ) report (1184)
1999 Effects of SCH23390 and reclopride on a run-climb-run behavioral task in rats conference
1999 Dopamine and timing behavior: Effects of d-amphetamine, SCH23390 and reclopride conference
1999 剝奪食物與自由吃實的大白鼠對於舔蔗糖液行為之負性對比效應 conference
1999 Neurobehavioral mechanisms for contingent tolerance: chronic amphetamine and operant behavior conference
1999 探討藥物酬賞引發制約性場地偏好行為的學習歷程 conference
1999 The role of catecholamine in memory performance on the partially baited eight-arm maze in the rat conference
1999 Tolerance to operant responding on DRL20 schedule of reinforcement in rats: Pharmacological selectivity conference
1999 多巴胺受體抑制劑對舔飲蔗糖液行為配置的影響 conference
1999 驅力與溶液屬性對於制約氣味偏好的影響 conference