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1998-11 Incremental 3D Collision Detection with Hierarchical Data Structures conference (1257)
2004-12 Incorporating Voice Dialogs in a Multi-user Virtual Environment conference (1256)
2000-05 Incorporating User Interaction in the Planning of Intelligent Tracking Motions conference
2004-06 Improving the Path Quality of the Incremental RRT-based Roadmap Methods with Virtual Links conference
2007-10 Improving Overall Quality of Distributed Computing with a Novel Trust Model conference (379)
2001-08 Improving Navigation Efficiency with Artificial Force Field conference (1305)
2007-11 IMHAP – An Experimental Platform for Humanoid Procedural Animation conference (548)
2007-03 Idea Storming Cube: A Game-based System to Support Creative Thinking conference (547)
2007-01 Hydrangea: A Hybrid Ontology Directed Feedback Generation Algorithm for Supporting Creative Problem Solving Dialogues conference (503)
2004-11 Generating Traditional Shadow Play Animations with Motion Planning Algorithms conference
2005-08 Generating Secondary Motions in Shadow Play Animations with Motion Planning Techniques conference (663)
2002-06 Generating Humanoid Lower-Body Motions with Real-time Planning conference
1997-12 Generating Guitar Scores from a MIDI Source conference (412)
1997-12 Generating Customizable Guided Tours for Networked Virtual Environment conference (446)
2009-11 Exploring Effect of Rater on Prediction Error in Automatic Text Grading for Open-ended Question conference (383)
2006-12 Evolving Crowd Motion Simulation with Genetic Algorithm conference (1204)
2018-07 Evaluation of Student’s 3D Modeling Capability Based on Model Completeness and Usage Pattern in K-12 Classrooms conference (26)
2009-09 Evaluating Emotive Character Animations Created with Procedural Animation conference (329)
2008-12 Enhancing Procedural Animations with Motion Capture Data conference (346)
2008-07 Enhancing Procedural Animation with Motion Capture Data conference (354)
2001-01 Distributed Netflow Analysis for Limiting User Data Rates conference (1067)
2002-10 Distributed Netflow Analysis for Limiting User Data Rates conference
2000-10 Directing Virtual Crowds in a Virtual Environment conference
2005-12 Directing Intelligent Digital Actor with Real-Time Motion Planning conference (1351)
2007-11 Developing an Intelligent Camera Module with Cinematography in Real-Time Virtual Environments conference (366)