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1992-11 專案管理專家決策支援系統之建構與應用 conference
1992-07 The Design of a Hypermedia-Based Expert Decision Support System for Software Evaluation conference
1992 超媒體財務會計資訊系統之建構方法 conference
1992 資訊管理教育之整合性架構與環境 conference
1992 多媒體觀光旅遊資訊查詢系統建構研究 report
1992 有價證券募集發行媒體申報制度之研究 report
1992 模擬專家決策支援系統之建構與應用研究 report (629)
1991-12 整合性專家決策支援系統在企業管理領域之應用 article
1991-09 A Distributed Multimedia Environment for Chinese Videotex Applications article (627)
1991 試算表模式運算之開放性軟體整合環境 conference
1991 An Object-Oriented Accounting System conference
1991 人工智慧展示之概念研究 report
1991 電傳視訊觀光資訊系統資料庫架構之規劃與內容之研製 report
1990-05 整合性專家決策支援系統之觀念架構與作業流程 article
1990 整合性模擬專家決策支援系統觀念及作業流程 conference
1990 整合性統計專家決策支援系統之觀念架構與作業流程 conference
1989 A Software Integration Approach for Linking Database and Desktop Publishing Systems conference
1989 A Decision Support System for Production Scheduling conference
1988-06 國立政治大學管理資訊系統育的課程架構 article
1988-06 軟體整合與決策支援系統產生器?????幾個片面的相關實例 article
1988 A Structured Design for General Purpose Dynamic Programming Softwares conference
1988 An Implicit Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach for the Optimization of Multiperiod Control Systems conference