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2000 混合型線性規劃的計算方法 report (1100)
2000 The Idle Time Approximation of Light Traffic in A GI/G/1 Queue conference
2000 教育部大學[基礎科學教學]改進計劃--實驗網站,[作業研究]實驗教材 report
1999-12 Matrix Product-Form Solutions of Stationary Probabilities in Tandem Queues article (677)
1999-11 非均質馬可夫決策過程在演算法上的一些數學性質 article (824)
1999-10 Derivation of the N-step interdeparture time distribution in GI/G/1 queueing systems article (459)
1999 The Output process of the queueing system GI/G/1 conference
1999 Optimality Conditions Of Arrival Selection In Tandem Queues With Constant Service Times conference
1999 Kernal density estimation for departure processes of a queue conference
1999 Stationary Probabilities of Queues in Series conference
1999 Assigning Customers to A Series of Queues conference
1998-04 因應政府加入WTO簽署GPA最適存控模式之研究 article (983)
1998-01 Petri nets for Performance modelling study of client-server systems article (1067)
1998 An Auxiliary Algorithm for Linear Programming Problems conference
1998 An Alternative Interior-Point Algorithm conference
1998 Numerical Computation of Probability Distribution in Queueing Systems conference
1998 Interdeparture Time Distribution in Queueing Systems conference
1998 Moment Approximation of The Idle Time Distribution in A GI/G/1 Queue conference
1997-12 建立油輪排程規劃程序之研究 article (874)
1997-07 考慮供銷系統運輸作業之存貨模式 article (1001)
1997-04 An Approximation Procedure for Multilayered Semaphore Queues with Coxian Arrivals and Exponential Service Times article (1349)
1997 A General Semaphore Queueing Model conference
1997 因應政府加入WTO簽署GPA最適存控模式之研究 report
1996 教育部大學[基礎科學教學]改進計劃,[機率與統計]實驗教材 report
1995 An Approximation Procedure for Semaphore Queueing Systems conference