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2005 Analytics of RED Queueing Models conference
2009.12 Analysis of the M/G/1 queue with exponentially working vacations—a matrix analytic approach article (1681)
2011-07 Analysis of bandwidth allocation on end-to-end QoS networks under budget control article (1014)
2016-12 Analysis of a Markovian Feedback Queue with Multi-class Customers conference (374)
2002-02 An Efficient Search Direction for Linear Programming Problems article (2071)
2005 An effective approach for content delivery in an evolving intranet environment - A case study of the largest telecom company in Taiwan conference (1200)
1998 An Auxiliary Algorithm for Linear Programming Problems conference
1995 An Approximation Procedure for Semaphore Queueing Systems conference
1997-04 An Approximation Procedure for Multilayered Semaphore Queues with Coxian Arrivals and Exponential Service Times article (1446)
2002-09 An alternative measure for evaluating the delay article (2813)
2001-12 An alternative measure for evaluating the delay conference
1998 An Alternative Interior-Point Algorithm conference
2003 All-IP 網路上以預算為基礎之品質管理研究-子計畫四:All-IP 網路End-to-End 品質管理之研究(II) report (1119)
2002 All-IP 網路上以預算為基礎之品質管理研究-子計劃四:All-IP網路End-to-End 品質管理之研究(I) report (2292)
2008-10 A Utility Maximization Scheme for End-to-End QoS Routing in Communication Networks with Heterogeneous Service Classes conference
2005 A Study on Parameter Setting of the RED Queueing Model conference
2004-11 A Stochastic Directional Convexity Result and Its Application in Comparison of Queues article (387)
2002 A Simplified Stopping Rule for Identifying the Forecast Horizon of A Nonhomogeneous MDP. report
2000-06 A Simplified Stopping Rule for Identify the Forecast Horizon of A Nonhomogeneous Markov Decision Processes conference
2006-10 A Robust Web-Based Approach for Broadcasting Downward Messages in a Large-Scaled Company article (618)
2004 A Queueing Model of General Servers in Tandem with Finite Buffer Capacities article (555)
2016-06 A Queueing Model for Tiered Inspection Lines in Airports article (560)
2006-12 A Precomputation-Based Scheme for QoS Routing and Fair Bandwidth Allocation article
2006-05 A Note on Simple Eigenvalues of Matrix Polynomials in Queueing Models with Erlang Distributions article (1825)
2005 A new approach solving a two-node closed queueing network article (1989)