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2004-07 Animating Chinese Lion Dance with High-level Controls conference (2167)
2004-07 Interactive Simulation of Web Construction and Locomotion for Virtual Spider conference
2004-06 An Interactive Planning System for Cinematography Automation conference
2004-06 Autonomous Virtual Actors with Emotional Behaviors in a Multi-User Virtual Environment conference
2004-06 以虛擬鍊結改善RRT-based漸進式街圖法的路徑品質 conference (1070)
2004-06 An Extensible Scripting Language for Interactive Animation in a Speech-Enabled Virtual Environment conference (1813)
2004-06 Improving the Path Quality of the Incremental RRT-based Roadmap Methods with Virtual Links conference
2004-04 Planning Humanoid Motions with Striding Ability in a Virtual Environment conference
2004-01 Automatic Caricature Generation by Analyzing Facial Features conference (1769)
2004-01 An Intelligent 3D User Interface Adapting to User Control Behaviors conference (1416)
2004-01 多人虛擬環境中以使用者感受為導向之網路服務 conference (865)
2004-01 PC-Based 伺服器 Fail-Over 系統之建置 conference (1004)
2003-12 A Caricature Generation System Based on Facial Features conference
2003-12 A Web-based Learning Environment with Interactive 3D Media: Spatial Coordinate Transformation as an Example conference (1403)
2003-12 以臉部特徵為基礎之誇張肖像畫產生系統 conference (3044)
2003-12 一個以Web 為基礎的新聞供稿實驗系統 conference (1104)
2003-12 A Web-based Experimental System for News Production conference
2003-10 SAWA: A School Administration Application Framework with Single-Sign-On and MVC Patterns conference
2003-09 An Intelligent User Interface Adapting to User's Navigation Behavior conference
2003-09 Motion Planning for Humanoid Walking in a Layered Environment conference
2003-09 Motion Planning for a Crowd of Robots conference (789)
2003-08 一個有延展性的動畫劇本描述語言 conference (1273)
2003-08 Planning Efficient Walking Gaits in Real-Time for Human Characters conference (1173)
2003-08 A Scripting Language for Extensible Animation conference
2003-01 SAWA: A School Administration Application Framework with Single-Sign-On and MVC Patterns conference