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2009-07 Designing Customized Virtual Characters in an Extensible Virtual Environment conference (383)
2007-11 Design of an Experimental Platform for Smart Interactive TV conference (400)
1995-09 Design for Maintenance by Constrained Motion Planning conference (1273)
2008-06 Design and Evaluation of New Functions for Interactive TV with Psychological Experiments conference (422)
1999-12 Data Management for Visualizing Large Virtual Environments conference
2002-06 Data Collection and Analysis on a Personalized Networked Marketing Platform conference
2012-07 CurveThis: A Tool to Create Controllable Massive Crawling conference (476)
2005-11 Coordinated Motion Planning for 3D Animation: Using Dancing Lion on Stepping Columns as an Example conference
2007-01 Coordinated Motion Planning for 3D Animation: Using Chinese Lion Dance as an Example conference (1413)
2012-07 Context-aware Camera Planning for Interactive Storytelling conference (870)
2014.07 Camera Motion Graphs conference (548)
2001-11 Building an Incremental Learning Motion Planner with RRTs conference
2008-11 Building a Context-Aware Experimental Platform for Smart Interactive TV – SITV conference (455)
2004-06 Autonomous Virtual Actors with Emotional Behaviors in a Multi-User Virtual Environment conference
1999-05 Automatically Generating Virtual Guided Tours conference
2008-11 Automatic Generation of Character Animations for Ex-pressing Music Features conference (555)
2009-10 Automatic Generation of Character Animations Expressing Music Features conference (473)
2004-01 Automatic Caricature Generation by Analyzing Facial Features conference (1763)
2014-05 Automated Classification Design for Social Media Information in a Disaster Event conference (407)
2005-12 Applying Web Framework Tools to Build Generic Database System RDAA: Using NCCU Integrated Database for Social Science Researches as an Example conference
2004-07 Animating Chinese Lion Dance with High-level Controls conference (2166)
2002-06 An Open Virtual Environment System with Efficient Data Management conference
2001-12 An Open Multi-User Virtual Environment System with XML-based Message Delivery conference
2006-06 An Online Testing and Analysis System for Students' Creative Problem-Solving Ability in Sciences conference (1105)