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1992 The Political Economy of Global Conflict article (826)
1992 Conflicts Across the Taiwan Strait: 1951-1978 article
1992 “Guns” vs. “Butter”: Conceptual and Methodological Issues article (1081)
1992 Government Revenue Expenditure and National Income: A Granger Causal Analysis of the Case of Taiwan article (1047)
1992 Leadership Change and Government Size in East Asian Authoritarian Regimes. book/chapter (1111)
1992 Military Burden and Economic Hegemonic Decline: The Case of the United States. book/chapter (928)
1992 Defense Spending and Economic Performance: A Disaggregated Analysis. book/chapter (1175)
1991 Guns versus Butter: The Indirect Link article (1203)
1991 Defense Expenditures and Economic Growth: The Externality Effect article (1024)
1991 Dynamics of State Strength and Policy Choices: A Case Study of South Korea and Taiwan article (1127)
1990.11 A review of Taiwan's Development: Implications for Contending Political Economy Paradigms by Cal Clark (New York: Greenwood Press, 1989) article (939)
1990 Defense Expenditures, Economic Growth and the 'Peace Dividend" article (1099)
1990 Ridge Regression Analysis of the Defense-Growth Tradeoff in the United States article (1097)
1989 The State and Foreign Investment: The Cases of Taiwan and Singapore article (681)
1989 The Global Conflict Process. article (1049)
1979 無黨籍人士競選言論之研究-民國六七年增額中央民意代表選舉競選期間無黨籍人士宣傳品之內容分析 thesis (208)